Top 10 Most Mysterious Audio Recordings Ever Heard

 Audio recording has been one of the most significant things throughout history. Ever since it was invented, it has been used to capture many important events. However, that does not stop it from recording one of the most unexplained and creepiest recordings in the world. This is a count down for the top 10 most unexplained audio recordings ever documented.






 Numbers Stations: what on earth is this noise? - Truthloader Investigates

 Around the world there are some radio frequencies that have come to be known as numbers stations. They broadcast strange sounds over and over again and no one is really sure what they're for or who is behind them. One thing we do know is that they're incredibly creepy,





 Quiet Please "Other Side of the Stars"



 Classic Art Bell - Bob Lazar and Top Secret UFO Conspiracies

Bob Lazar claimed he worked at S4 (a special area within Area 51) for a few months on a project in which he reverse-engineered a UFO. Here he talks with Art Bell about his experience.



 Steve Quayle Operation Highjump

 The Untold UFO War in Antarctica



 Ghost Box Recordings: Messages from Robin Williams? You decide.



 Apollo 11 HAM radio ufo transmissions

 For years rumors have circulated that Apollo 11 encountered two other craft when it landed on the moon. Here are those missing two minutes on the lunar surface.



 Alien Speech? Found in NASA's Saturn Radio Signal








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